Of Karma

A few weeks back I wrote an open letter to humanity. Something not accepted by the religious nuts out there. They cannot seem to actually fathom that they may be on the wrong path believing in all their various little cruel gods. Believing that they are all the chosen ones. Exclusively. Rather than striving to be kind, compassionate people. They are under the misconception that if they just keep on doing what they are doing, disregarding common sense, they will live forever in the clouds – in houses of gold. Or at least not burn in the 9 circles of Dante’s hell.


I believe that all 9 circles are reserved for hypocritical ‘believers’.

CIMG0296 letter2 What my criticisers don’t understand, is that I don’t just mouth off about things I have no experience of. I write from the heart, always. I write about the hurt I have suffered, the personal pain as well as more importantly the pain I see and feel in the world around me on a daily basis. The painfully thin, starving animals I see next to the roads, kept exposed without shelter from the burning sun, the cold nights. Unfed, abused and left to die by people who call themselves farmers, who hold prayer meetings for rain but neglect and kill animals in their care daily. Plus of course those people who greedily consume those same animals without a second thought.

Yet they believe that they are special. That they have the right to do so. They call their ‘religions’ real, but yet they continue to destroy the creation of those they ‘believe’ are their ‘gods’. They feel no shame in causing death and destruction.

A person previously seen as a friend, told me about how he was profoundly saddened by the horrible death of his young child and could almost not bear to go on and look after his other children. (Another thing about ‘religious’ people, they seem to breed and breed with no regard for over populating the earth, over utilising the natural resources.) When I asked him why he did not hate his god who let such things happen, he told me that it was all he had to hold onto. His religion. As if that was going to do him any good? Making excuses for a cruel god? He could have rather put his energies into loving his remaining children all that much more, being a good person and helping others. But rather he became a self centred ‘holier than thou’ bible basher. Turned all his attention to that which caused him pain. Masochistic.

Sad. Maybe you should all individually rethink your places in this world. Move away from the mob mentality, from hiding behind your religion. Face the world from a point of view that whatever you do to those around you will come back to haunt you. Now or in your next life. Karma will get you.



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