YOLO… or not?

Most of us are familiar with the term #YOLO, if not through your teenage children, then most probably from a fifties movie or an old song by that name. But we know what it means, You Only Live Once. It is supposed to make you feel like grabbing each day by the balls and living the daylights out of it. Live your life to its fullest as you only have this one chance as you only live once…as yourself, a certain individual.

So…while I am all for living an amazing life if you are at all equipped to do so, and truth being that as yourself yes, you do only have this one chance, there is another option. You can try and live this life as a really good person so that you can come back as someone even better, maybe with more options and better circumstances. If you are bad, chances are that you are going to suffer in the next life and so forth until you have learnt your lessons. Karma it is also called by the wise.


I say #YDOLO,


and apparently it is not my own term even though I believed that it was! This should give the #hopeless some hope. Just because you are not blessed with love or comfort in this life, does not mean you could not be blessed in your next life. You can make it happen! You Don’t Only Live Once. No, you get to come back to try again until you get it right. Obviously as another person but with your same energy, the energy of your previous incarnations together with your current. They make up your Ori. Remember, you get to add either positive or negative to that Ori. And then that is who you will be next time around. You make your own existence, you choose what you are, good or bad, not some cruel, manipulative god or goddess somewhere up in the clouds.


Voodoo? Magick? Strange religions? No.

Scientists will tell you that energy does not die, it just changes shape, form, substance. When our earthly bodies die, we release our individual spirits into the ether or the upper bright air as it is described. If we died by unnatural circumstances, we may float around in the spirit realm until we are avenged or our killers brought to justice. If we died naturally, our spirits are free to reincarnate into a new life, within our circle of loved ones or wider if we choose.


My daughter who is twenty years old has been called an ‘old soul’ by a few people in touch with the spirit world and I would give anything to know who she was in previous lives. She must have been kind, generous and loving to have been reincarnated into such a beautiful, kind, genius, amazingly mature person – able to handle everything life throws at her calmly. She may have met her end in the ocean though as recurring nightmares of giant waves gave her night terrors when little. But she has always loved the ocean, ran fearlessly into the waves when young.


On the other hand, I must have been horrid in a previous life as I have just struggled in this one and have known little happiness and love. I feel that it is my duty in this life to save animals and the environment at all cost – maybe due to being very destructive before. I am a vegetarian and activist. I am learning and doing all I can – maybe in the next life will get it right. I have a fire phobia (burnt at the stake?) and a great and intense dislike to enclosed spaces and naughty, noisy children – wars, caves, tunnels, submarines and nursery schools may have featured in my previous lives and deaths.


All of the scientific research into reincarnation, facts revealed under hypnosis and many case studies should convert the sceptics, just do your research, we do get more chances. Open your minds and move away from the heaven or hell myth, brainwashed into us by various churches as a way to control the masses. Do what you may but harm none in this life, prepare yourself for the next. Don’t kill animals – you may come back as a helpless victim of a cruel human.

Death is not the end, it is a new beginning. For someone like me, another chance at happiness.


If you are looking for the Ori or soul of a departed loved one, pay attention to new babies born in your circle since their passing over. Remember, we are reincarnated non-gender specific. Females can come back as males and vice versa.

If the family bonds were not great he or she may have chosen to be reincarnated far away in another country, but rest assured they will return. If you caused them harm…well, I would suggest that you relocate to places unknown…



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