Thursday photo prompt – Flame #writephoto

It is extremely dangerous to ask me to write about flames, as I have very few positive things to say about them. Let’s look at the categories of flames :

You get those which burn, torture and kill, like wildfire flames. They only leave devastation behind them. I intensely hate this kind, they make me sick. Really sick.


Then you get lovely to look at flames, safely contained like in the fireplace photo prompt for this week. They can’t get to you to hurt you. They are safe behind a barrier and you keep your distance if you know what is good for you. You watch out for sparks jumping…


Then you get those which only scorch, like ‘old flames’ who have hurt you, but you have recovered from the hurt, and still wonder sometimes about what could have been. You wish them well.

Then you get the cold ones like the ‘old flames’ who leave you cold. Those whom you don’t care about, whether they live or die. Those who hurt you too much and burned away a part of you in the process. You most probably don’t wish them well. To the contrary…

Some people speak about the ‘eternal flame’, which to me is a myth, a unobtainable enigma. I can’t for the life of me understand how two people can love each other with a passion which never dies. Passion is short-lived and the divorce rates as well as domestic abuse rates speak volumes. Why people still get married boggles my mind. It has been proven not to work. Why bother?

No matter what kind of flames they are categorised as, I am only comfortable with the ones contained within a safe fireplace. Like the photo prompt pic. These flames make you feel cosy and warm. They are positive flames.

The rest, well…we would do well without them.

Inia the disenchanted



4 thoughts on “Thursday photo prompt – Flame #writephoto

  1. Oh dear.. this spoke tells far more stories than the words, Inia. There is a purpose, even to the destruction brought by wildfires that, in the wake of devastation allow new growth… eventually. And you can love something or someone for a lifetime, even though passion fades to embers, there is still a warm and beautiful glow.


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