Of Low tide #writephoto

Thursday photo prompt – Low Tide #writephoto


I just love the ocean so much, stormy or still, wild or calm, taking a long leisurely walk on the empty beach during soft rain or swimming in sunny weather. I am a child of the ocean. Well, an old child. A child battered by life’s storms.

But I seek the ocean when I need space, healing or answers. The beauty of the shoreline, the creatures of the rock pools, the waves – they heal my hurt caused by callous people. They calm my soul. So I want to protect the ocean in turn. But I am just one person.


My voice is not enough. I love, I admire, I absorb, I sigh.cimg7803

I admire, I pick up litter, I report, I educate. I try.  cimg7459

Low tide, although beautiful to look at, unfortunately exposes the secrets and the vulnerabilities of my beloved ocean. They have nowhere to hide, nowhere to go. This is where they live. This is where they get hurt when exposed. If I am not there to help them. I helped this small octopus, but will he survive? Has he been hurt too badly? Go well little one. Be safe, be free.




If I had any choice, I would never allow the tide to go out, I would have high tide all the time. The ocean should always be wild and stormy and so protect her inhabitants from rape and pillage by greedy humans.




The low tides, especially spring tide at full moon, exposes previously safe colonies of mussels, oysters and abalone. Humans pounce greedily and destroy the beauty, the calm. They kill them, they take them all. They sell them and get rich.


Why should a few destroyers be allowed to ruin everything?

Please save the beauty, don’t kill it. There is only one ocean and humankind is purposefully annihilating her. One greedy destructive person at a time. At low tide. They need to be stopped. The ocean is tired, empty, sore. Wounded.




The beauty is exquisite, like nothing else. The creatures of low tide need to be protected. The ocean needs to be protected. The lagoons, the tidal pools. cimg7459




Help. Please help.



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