Clean: as in ‘don’t keep it’…

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Just a short one today, a tip for those starting out in adult life, or those already there.

Do not encumber yourself with STUFF. Keep clean.

Do not buy stuff just because it’s there, because somebody else has it or because you can. We actually need very little to survive on. Do not fall for media hype, brainwashing by advertising. Keep to essentials. Most of our things are luxuries, nice to haves and sentimental things. And things we definitely don’t need. Some people feel that they need to accumulate stuff to validate themselves. Not true. Your actions validate you, not your possessions.

Most people I know have accumulated boxes and boxes of stuff which they drag around with them through life. When you look through the items one by one, you feel that each still has a purpose and back in the box it goes. To stay there and gather dust. Just because you are too selfish to give it away to someone who can use it, it stays in the dark forever without purpose. What a waste!

Some days I have felt like throwing a match to my ‘stuff’ just because it smothered me. But I can’t, I am afraid of fire! So…Clean it out, clear it out, just do it. I am doing it. I have done most of it. But I still have a few boxes to go…

I cringe when I think of the thousands and thousands of rand (SA currency) I wasted on moving my stuff from house to house over many years. Moving is not cheap.

Very few, those clever ones amongst us, have nothing. No encumbrances. Just the minimum. They are lucky. They are free. The ideal is to have very little – just some things that you could fit into a car when you have to move suddenly.

You don’t need cupboards full of clothes, I had too much, stacks, but found myself mostly wearing about four different outfits – my favourites, the ones I always feel good in. Two pairs of shoes. The rest just gathered dust. So I gave away practically everything to the disadvantaged with the explicit instruction to feel free and distribute it to whoever needs it or throw it away if nobody wanted it or could use it.

I will only get new clothing to replace my few items when they fall apart.

I had books enough to fill a library, accumulated over half a century, gave away 90%, still some to go but will only keep one box of my special books. A box small enough to carry. The special books I sold, the less special ones I gave away to charities and second hand bookshops.

Do yourself a favour, find something in your boxes and your cupboard every day and give it to someone who can use it (not me please, I am still in the process of doing the same).

If nobody can use it, no charity or school, recycle it. You will feel lighter, more free and satisfied that you have done something good.

I have a list of what goes with me. My birds and their big cage, my laptop and external hard drive with my photo collection (paper albums and photographs will be recycled), my camera & phone, my few items of clothing, 2 sets of linen, my shell & crystal collection in their wooden case, a few special ornaments like my wind chimes, cat and frog ornaments, a few framed pictures, if I go somewhere with access to electricity I will take my ancient coffee maker, small toaster oven, kettle and one small box of cutlery and crockery.

Keep your living space minimalist, it’s  much easier to keep clean. Get messy in your real life, make mistakes, fix them, learn from them, learn new things, try new things, fail or succeed, don’t try to be perfect. At least then you know that you are really living. Live responsibly, do good things and never hurt animals or the environment.

cimg9851 Keep your footprints on this earth like footprints on a beach.



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