Of rain and why I am looking for it

I want to live in a place where it always rains.


A place where everything is over-abundantly green. Tropical glossy green with raindrops dripping from huge leaves. Tall lush trees with tree ferns under them, all along the little streams where frogs and dragonflies play. Trees and bushes densely packed with fruit and berries hanging just ripe for the picking. Clear rock pools and waterfalls to bathe in. Where birds of all kinds share the sky with butterflies during the day and fireflies during the night. Piiniwallies as they are called in Jamaica, country of my dreams.


If I can’t have my colourful jungle,


I will settle for a small seaside hamlet where everyone walks and cycles where they need to be. A cool sea breeze coming in through the open windows where curtains billow and wind chimes tinkle constantly. Where you fall asleep with the roar of the ocean. Where animals are free and wild, and are never ever hurt. A place where it is impossible to see a fire anywhere in nature as it is too green. Where I can walk on the beach and not see anyone. Where there is shade on the beach if it’s hot, a beach with trees.

A place where you don’t see many people for days. Or weeks. Or ever. I want to wake up from cold and pull a blanket over me, not wake up hot from sweating. Not from smoke in my nostrils, but smelling rain, listening to the mesmerizing sounds of soft rain on the roof, thunder in the distance and rain frogs outside.

I have had enough of drought, sweltering heat, smoke and fires. As I am writing this we are experiencing one of the hottest and driest summers ever in South Africa, with devastating wildfires everywhere causing so much pain, suffering, destruction and death. I never want to see a fire again, except in a cosy little stone fireplace. Seeing smoke even from afar, smelling that dreaded particular smell of vegetation burning,

cimg3092even hearing about fires on the news – it causes a reaction inside me so akin to terror, extreme anxiety, nausea, that I find it difficult to breathe and I can’t seem to control my emotions. I guess it stems from my previous traumatic experiences amongst fire devastation. I have seen a bird sanctuary burn, walked through the devastation afterwards. Found owl eggs cooked to death, found snakes and tortoises burnt to a crisp. That smell will always stay with me. Death by fire.

I took the picture above from my back yard in a previous home, the fire was so close and so hot that I could feel it on my skin…This was before it came so close that I took my animals and left. Before the fire we had francolin, night-jars, hawks and even owls. After, zero wildlife. This specific fire was started on purpose for ‘practise’ with no thought spared for whom it killed or affected, what it destroyed… In this country unemployed people have work when there are wildfires, they call it Working on Fire…the government organisation basically rewards people for setting wildfires. Is it strange then that so many runaway wildfires ‘happen’? Surely there are better ways to create jobs.
#Western Cape #Wildfires #arson #SomersetWestFire #PaarlFires #HelderbergFire #https://mycapetown.co.za/watch-firefighters-battle-to-put-out-paarl-fires/

It is the loss of so much life, so many habitats destroyed, so many innocent animals, birds, reptiles, insects, not even given a thought as they burn to death amongst the plants and trees, which cause my physical pain. Who spares even a moments’ thought for the sea-and aquatic life killed when buckets of water are scooped from the ocean, lagoons and freshwater ponds by helicopters. Who sees the struggling fish, sea horses, even marine mammals thrown down into a raging inferno? Those animals abandoned with no hope of survival as owners save themselves.



I feel it deep inside my heart. My soul has been scorched, deeply damaged by fire.

If there is a hell, the worst part of it is surely reserved for arsonists.

So, this brings me to my question. Is there anyone out there in a green, rainy, wet place who would like a female companion of fairly advanced age (53), who will provide her with living space so that she can write? She will bring no stuff, she has no interest in material goods. In exchange – maybe some informal job or service that she can provide in return? She can cook, is a qualified Horticulturist with interest in home food production – veggie & herb gardens. She also loves to construct water features of any kind to provide habitat for her beloved frogs and other local wildlife. And if there are cats or dogs or birds or fish to care for, she is available.

Anyone? 😉

Contact me.



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