Daily Prompt: Renewal

Renewal via Daily Prompt: Renewal

Prepare to renew your mind. Banish all traditional drivel and open up for new thought. Why are people so afraid to challenge outdated ways of thinking?


If we want this poor abused world of ours to survive, there must be a renewal of thought, or in other words, a paradigm shift. As defined in the Oxford Dictionary,  a paradigm shift is a time when the usual and accepted way of doing or thinking about something changes completely. We can’t just carry on doing things like our ancestors have done it for thousands of years and expect the planet to survive our onslaught.



We are losing species of animals and plants at an alarming rate, refer http://wwf.panda.org/about_our_earth/biodiversity/biodiversity/ ,and once they are extinct there is no way of bringing them back. They have lost their habitats, their food sources, their places in the sun – due to us. Yes people, humans. Unlike the mass extinction events of geological history, the current extinction challenge is one for which a single species – ours – IS wholly responsible.

The first thing which can be done, is for everybody to stop breeding! Yes, everybody! There are way too many people in this world. Irresponsible people are breeding children by the bunch daily and you may say it is their business, but it most definitely is not. Not only it is unfair to the others of us having no choice in an overpopulated world, nor is it fair to those children. Some idiots (definition : an utterly foolish or senseless person) insist on having baby after baby after baby just to prove that they can, as if that is something to aspire to. *Look towards orange coloured ‘leadership’ figures for confirmation of this fact. Just imagine a world where everyone has enough space, enough food and enough love. Amazing? Unattainable? Paradise! Totally possible if the population is reduced dramatically. Scary current situation http://www.7billionworld.com/

Others keep on breeding in the hopes of getting that elusive ‘heir’ as if having a male child is still important outside of inbred royalty (which should also be discontinued immediately I believe. Where does the stupid thought come from, that members of a certain family are better than everyone else in that country? Laughable actually. Idiotic! But it is done, accepted and even admired?). A woman is just as capable if not more capable than any man of running an empire, a country. A woman who proves herself by acts, real life solutions. There are countless unwanted females in this world who never get a chance of a fully actualised life, having missed out on that all important parental nurturing, love and attention. People who grow up fully aware that you were just an egg which got fertilised with the wrong DNA combination. Yeah, I know because I am one. Unwanted children who grow up never having known the love they deserve to blossom and grow because due to no fault of their own, they were born ‘wrong’. They were not boys. They could have been great instead they were held back. See examples of this everywhere.

Every sperm is not sacred people, use those condoms! Get yourself sterilised at the earliest possible age. The church is very, very wrong on this one, as on most other things. Religious brainwashing should cease with immediate effect. All religion people, all of it. There is not one out of the myriads which is the best or the correct one. They are all means of dividing and ruling people. Thought up by the rulers of old and changed to suit those in power. Of getting the masses to toe the line. Wake up!

People who are unable to have children should thank their lucky stars. There are so many unwanted children in this world who suffer some form of malnutrition, neglect or abuse daily and they will be very happy to have a loving home with someone who actually wants a child and can look after it as well as love it the way it deserves. Adopt, don’t unnecessarily enrich the evil multi billion dollar infertility and pharmaceutical industries. One child only should be the rule, a law punishable by sterilisation. It is high time this overpopulation thing is being taken seriously. And no exceptions, none whatsoever. One or no children otherwise, mandatory abortions and sterilisations for men and women. Men go around fertilising everything they can and the women sit with the results. Children are always the woman’s responsibility, another area we need renewal of thinking processes. 

All animals in captivity and here I include ALL animals in any form of captivity, cage or restriction, should be released into sanctuaries and then into the wild. There are many animals living and dying in atrocious conditions in laboratories, zoos and things called ‘farms’ or ‘breeding centres’, never having known freedom. Nobody should be able to earn money for selling any form of animal or something derived from animals. This most definitely should include cruel ‘entertainment’ like circuses and marine animal displays. People should renew with vigour, their thinking about using, abusing and killing animals. It should cease immediately. Pets should only be allowed to those able and willing to care for them properly, only sterilised rescued pets, absolutely no more breeding. ‘Puppy mill’ owners and those who breed animals in captivity should be caged and sterilised themselves. All forms of farming or breeding with animals should cease and resources like land and water utilised by individuals to provide and grow their own food, giving the animals their space in safety as nature intended. Again, paradise. Living together in harmony, doesn’t that sound like something wonderful? Grow your food plants in your home if you have space, or in communal gardens/communal greenhouses otherwise. A limited amount of space per person and a ban on monopolies. For own use or trade only. A ban on all clearing of forests and natural vegetation for farming. Use current agricultural land, divide it up per person. If there are less people it will work very well. 

It is possible, we just need that political will. Elect people who actually have brains and have more than their own hormones or megalomania on their agenda. People everywhere please look towards the Green Parties, the Ubuntus, the ones who actually care about the world. Not the ones caring about their own pockets while letting the masses suffer. Why oh why do you still vote for these idiots who are currently totally destroying the world by means of war and overutilisation, drenching it in blood and hate?

Until we can change the world in a great and renewed way, there are small things you can do to assist. Stop consuming irresponsibly and start conserving responsibly. For goodness sake, stop eating meat! If you need help, read my book (free on Kindle, available on amazon.com)



Think globally, act locally. Start with yourself. The rest will follow. Read http://wwf.panda.org/about_our_earth/biodiversity/what_you_can_do/ and other sources of how you can help the world. 




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