Daily Prompt: Calm

via Daily Prompt: Calm

Impossible. Calm is impossible. No amount of Valium can render calm if you are awake and sensitive to what is going on in the world around us. How can anyone stay calm in a society where you can open Facebook and without meaning to, see a child being beheaded in Aleppo? Really. Well, I will never unsee what I just saw. Saw, sawing yes, the man sawed and hacked this child’s head until it finally came off. Then everyone cheered. I was actually shocked into a frozen state and could not believe that it was real. (Real News Syria.)

I came across this as I shared stories of the war in Aleppo – from the time when the Rose Man of Aleppo came to my attention, I became interested, fascinated and horrified, his story was so hopeful, so positive, and then so tragic. THIS IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS, I COULD NOT CARE WHO IS FIGHTING WHO AND WHY but really, it should stop. We need to create awareness of what is happening, people are too egocentric and only think of themselves. They don’t know and could not care less about others, those out of their line of sight. Why can’t anyone stop this? Hitler was eventually stopped wasn’t he?

Just as footage of a seal cub being clubbed to death (which I glimpsed for a few seconds before I could turn the news off) managed to burn into my brain forever a few years ago. The pictures of the dolphin killings in Taiji, the cruelest of cruel murders perpetrated by a nation who also thinks freezing marine animals and building an ice rink on their bodies is great fun….and yet it is all happening RIGHT NOW. In Japan. Photographs of extreme animal cruelty from all over the world, petitions drawn up by those who care, some help, some don’t. But you have to try? I can’t sleep at night.soft-heart

You do a search online for something totally innocent and find ways to kill and torture animals from squirrels to elephants with step by step photographs. So much cruelty, pain and suffering, worst of all people are immune to it. Nobody stops it. It’s all accepted. In schools and universities animals are tortured and killed by laughing, desensitized youth. (America…land of the free..you are very big on this). These same families happily and absolutely ignorant, continue overindulging on products of pain and death daily (meat=dead animals) and by their very actions condone what is being perpetrated. Daily. Hourly. Repeatedly. People make money by using and abusing animals and call it ‘breeding’ or ‘farming.’ Disgusting.

I already let TV go many years ago, I think it is time for all electronic media to go too, time to find that truly deserted island and live on wild fruits and berries while the world crashes and burns.

Stop this barbaric world I want to get off.


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