Of the festive season & losing all religion

holiuday-funThis time of year, the end of a calendar year and for many the start of their main holiday, can be intoxicating with joy and also a total spending orgy for most. For some it is a religious holiday, a peaceful time to spend with their family and for others a let loose and let everything hang out. Where I live, usually a fairly quiet and peaceful seaside village, countrymen totally blow the lid off and do what they won’t normally do at their own homes, or in their own neighbourhoods – as soon as they arrive. They walk around drunk, boisterous, rude and semi dressed – bloated white corporate stomachs hanging over swimming trunks, disregarding normal, daily decencies. On the beach it may be perfectly acceptable but on the streets, in the shops and restaurants? No way. Now I am not a prude, far from it, I am all for being free and individualistic but it gets a bit much if it is destroying your haven of peace and quiet. When you are accosted by irresponsible boozed up guys who then climb into their luxury vehicles and raise hell on the roads, no thought for any creature crossing their path. Acute noise levels blasting from cars and homes at all hours, cigarette butts littering previously pristine nature. And don’t even start me on the children irresponsibly handed nets and buckets and sent out to destroy marine life. It breaks my heart.

The local shops are overrun by these people just greedily grabbing merchandise as if the end of the world is nigh. Spending, spending, spending, supermarket trollies laden with gluttony, consuming, consuming, consuming. Littering, littering, littering. Never sparing a thought for those who have nothing, or those who are suffering. Suffering to provide them with meat and other products of death…those innocents who are caged, abused and killed so that these ignoramuses can have their barbeques, their roasts, their paté’s. Throw away half of it uneaten. Spoilt and obnoxious – and those are not only the children. These vacationers own the world. They boost the economy some say – but I think the economy benefit more from well behaved international tourists who support this country during the quiet times.

Worst of all, come Christmas you will see these same people in the local churches. Dressed up in their expensive new finery with new jewelry glittering, kids playing in church with their new electronic toys. Ah but it’s Christmas you say, let them be. The adults singing Christmas songs, hugging & kissing everyone and being all holy and well behaved…until they walk out of the church. Then it’s all systems go again, back to their true selves. Now this is the main reason I refuse to celebrate this (or any) religious holiday or associate myself with Christianity or any other organised religion in general. In my experience most Christians are selfish, inconsiderate, false, cruel, egotistical and worst of all, hypocritical. And they think that they are going to heaven…nativity

Some people are lonely, some people are sad. Some people have an immense amount of grief to deal with and not much to celebrate. Being December does not change any of that. Don’t shove your ‘joy’ on them. Take them into consideration please. We don’t all feel deliriously, extravagantly happy. Some of us actually see and feel the pain this festive season is causing.

Consider your fellow beings this festive season. Please. Share some of your excesses with the poor and downtrodden. Support animal shelters. Don’t support cruelty. Don’t neglect or worse, abandon your pets. Be kind, not cruel. If you can’t help, at least don’t harm.

Peace. Inia


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