Of this crazy, cruel world and other mad things…

I tend to keep to myself and not read newspapers as mostly very upsetting and terrible things are the only ones mentioned. The world has surely gone crazy because there is just no good news anymore. Being a sensitive person, when I venture out of my little ‘cave’ I am usually peeved by a few things I witness but I have learnt to steer clear of certain situations and places. Supermarkets put me off with the smell of raw meat dwelling in the isles and I keep to ‘suitably safe’ areas. This country is seemingly inhabited by carnivorous monsters if you look at the enormous amounts of dead animals on sale.

Then I come home to my safe haven and on the smallholding adjacent to me a new little baby calf is crying, heartbreakingly sad as he was taken forcefully from his mom to an uncertain future and I see – my beautiful friend with the big brown eyes is missing…Rest in Peace Kind Soul. My heart breaks. I can’t escape the madness.

On a recent road trip I was once again astonished at the stupidity and downright cruelty of people, especially the people who call themselves ‘farmers’ as if that is a noble profession. All along our national highways there are farms, some just awesomely beautiful to look at like the golden yellow canola fields, sunflowers, even the wheat fields but nothing is as beautiful as virgin forest. Then you get to…beautiful green pastures with sheep, lambs happily playing and walking alongside their mothers, many twins gambolling in the grass just to encounter the huge sign Fresh Farm Meat Here, and you know some idiot somewhere is asking for ‘lamb’ in a restaurant. Have people no shame?

You drive past Happy Hog Farm Butchery – with a larger than life smiling pig on their signboard as if the animals are happy to be cruelly confined and even more cruelly slaughtered. You think of those people happily munching on ‘bacon’ and ‘ribs’. Really people? How about telling it like it is. You eat the bloody flesh of once living breathing beings. How much of an evil monster must people be to live with themselves? Don’t tell me they care about animals  – they don’t. Don’t tell me they need to eat animals. They absolutely don’t. Don’t tell me the farmers need to kill the animals as they need the income, why must the rest of us all take ordinary jobs because we don’t want to get rich off the blood and suffering of animals? Why must they? The animals in their ‘care’ and I use this term loosely – starve to death in times of drought and all they care about is the almighty dollar (in this case Rand).

The ‘game farmers’, they are the worst. I once witnessed a mountainous heap of giraffe skeletons higher than a house on a ‘game farm’. Oh, look at those beautiful giraffes! Take a photo because tomorrow you will kill and eat them. Beautiful wild and even endangered animals for these people are just dollars, a new 4×4, a new holiday, a new Ferrari.

You drive past these huge refrigerated trucks containing milk and if you are like me, wide awake and cognisant of the fact that the dairy industry is one of the most cruel, you can almost hear the cries of the mother cows when their babies are taken away from them after birth to be slaughtered and their milk pumped out of their sore breasts for stupid humans who don’t need it to survive…then you drive past the places, cows lined up to be drained by the udder and in the next field their hungry calves crying sadly while they wait to die.

And then, the worst happens – you are held up behind a huge double storey truck loaded to the brim with animals, cows, sheep or chickens, crying out, hungry and thirsty animals crammed on top of each other trying to breathe, trying to see outside – on their way to cruel slaughter, a pin through the skull, a knife across the throat, some not even so lucky – hung by their ankles alive…cut to bleed out and die…A smaller truck following the big one, this one with the calves on…crying crying crying for their mothers, hearing them in the distance…the fat farmers wife driving..counting her money already…new clothes. New phone. The huge chicken ‘batteries’ boiling in the hot African sun and you can feel the horror emanating from within. All for eggs? Are they that important???

Put human faces on these animals, do you have compassion yet? Do you cry out in pain and heartbreak? Do you care? Are you human?

The next truck with a sign…Simply Skins...no, idiots! They are not simply skins, they are living breathing, aching, sentient, distressed mammals getting their hearts ripped out. For no reason at all. They have warm blood like us, brains like us, feelings like us, families like us. All the cows on that truck confined to a moving jail, no hope of escape from the terror – incarcerated because of human idiocity, human greed, human gluttony, human cruelty.

Does this all happen because people have been brainwashed since birth that killing is okay as long as you kill animals and not people? Except for when you are in some army it is apparently okay to kill people too. What the hell is wrong with humankind? We all need to get off this planet and stop polluting it with our evil.

Teach your children that it is not okay to kill animals, teach them that there are many different foods available to nourish you a hundred percent. You don’t need to eat animals – repeat after me. Y O U    D O N’ T   N E E D    T O   E A T   A N I M A L S !!!!!!! Grow your own fruit and vegetables, don’t use poisons. Recycle, be responsible. Support vegan and vegetarian products. Use solar power, don’t rely on fossil fuels. Be accountable. If you can’t do this, don’t pollute the earth even further with offspring like you. Sterilize yourself. Then there may be some hope for this earth.

Be brave, be different, be humane. Stop this cruel cycle and stop supporting the butchers of all that is beautiful.img-20160813-wa0002


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