Of fears and the supernatural

Humans have many hangups, some inbred (like the fear of things you don’t understand) and others carefully nursed by society and the media (like the fear of people different to yourself or those from another country – xenophobia). Most children are afraid of the dark for some strange reason and some of us have totally illogical (it seems at first glance) fears of things like inter alia spiders, snakes, heights (me), narrow enclosed spaces (me), crowds of people (me), children in general (me), the ocean, wild animals, masks, needles, flying, Friday the thirteenth…which I believe is total attention seeking behaviour, then the fear of public speaking – said to be the most common fear/phobia. Why? Is it not just the fear of being judged by your peers? It is silly. Get over it, take a course in Public Speaking. Some fears may originate from experiences we have had in previous lives, for instance – you may have recurrent dreams of huge waves coming to engulf you whilst you are scrambling away desperately. Yet you have never seen a tsunami or been on a boat. You may have recurrent dreams about being stuck on a ledge with no railing, high up on a tilting structure. Yet, you stay away from high places at all costs. Have you ever considered past life regression therapy to deal with those debilitating dreams? Once you know where it originated you may deal with it better.

I guess some would say that you should fear the supernatural, but I don’t. If you fear something you should try to talk to knowledgeable persons about it and research it in order to make sense of your fear, don’t just cower in a corner. If you have a fear of knowledge (yes that does exist!) you are seriously stumped. I have had many supernatural experiences, maybe because I am open to them and don’t have a closed mind. I have had visitations by entities just staring at me, a week ago someone dressed in swishy (it was raining and it sounded like the sounds of a rain coat) clothing played with my feet, someone (maybe the same entity maybe another) has been lying down on top of me in bed at night (innocently!) where I could actually feel and see the bedclothes being pressed down around me, it felt like a huge being as a big surface area was occupied around me, I have seen electrically charged orbs in my room, many on film, felt presences in my car while driving alone at night, read De Laurence books! and I am still fine. But I am responsible, I will not perform black magick or summon spirits. They are free and welcome to come and talk to me if they want though. My interest in the supernatural started with the unfortunate event of playing with a Ouja board while at University around 34 years ago. That was most probably the scariest situation I have ever been in and I ran out of that room at the speed of light when ‘things’ started happening. A serious note of warning – don’t play with things you can’t control. Ever. It is entirely possible to open connections to the spirit world but you never know which spirit may answer your call. It is not a fun place to play in. Be warned.

There are actually millions of documented phobias which can make your life a misery if you let them, I guess it makes sense that for every single thing in the world there can be some person who may be afraid of it. The worst really, in my opinion is Pantophobia, described by some as a vague and persistent dread of some unknown evil. Which basically means that you fear everything that may or may not happen. Well that must be a shitty feeling, fear of sleeping, fear of being awake, fear of the dark, fear of the light, fear of people, fear of being alone…you get the drift?

Why not rather FACE YOUR FEARS? I believe in immersion therapy. It is very cruel but usually have good results. It should be done responsibly though and under strict control of a ‘professional’. Here I mean that say for instance you fear snakes. It would be a good idea to have a knowledgeable snake specialist bring you some harmless snakes to play with until you realize that you are being a big pussy being afraid of innocent, harmless creatures. You should be wary of poisonous snakes, of course – stay away from them or learn how to deal with them instead. Study a book on snakes of your country, arm yourself with knowledge. I had a huge issue with poisonous snakes which are very common where I live, until a specialist taught me how to catch and release snakes.

If you are interested, you need a broom and a bucket with a seal-able lid. Remember to always stay the distance away from a snake similar to or more than its length. Snakes can ‘jump’ or displace themselves that distance, their own length. Remember that they have no feet…Push the broom head down on them, close to the head to immobilize the snake and put the open bucket down next to the snake. Then push the snake into the bucket while closing the lid bit by bit after it. I have caught many puffadders & tree snakes (extremely poisonous) like that. I once caught a spitting cobra (extremely poisonous) by putting an unused plastic fish bowl over him, sliding a sheet of hard plastic under to seal and then transferring him to the bucket with lid. Carefully. You can release these snakes in areas where they can do their natural duty in the food chain or hand them over to conservationist agencies who will do that for you. But don’t just scream and run away. It will not solve the problem and if you have pets like I do you will always worry about their safety.

I will never forget the day that a friend of my daughters who was about ten at that stage, saw a beautiful large stick insect in our garden and smacked it dead while my daughter and I were appreciating its beauty. I was so utterly mad at that child I could do the same to her – but instead banned her from our home. She was unfortunately raised to destroy what you don’t understand. Parents have a lot to answer for…but that subject is for another day.

Love and light




4 thoughts on “Of fears and the supernatural

    1. Hi Nikki, life is too short to be politically correct. I always write from the heart and true to my convictions. Honest, no pretense. I don’t like false people so I am not false. If that bugs certain individuals or groups, well they can read something else. There are many out there who cater to pretentious tastes. 🙂

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      1. Gotcha ok on love and loss you said some of the things you write to express yourself or release pain are not for human consumption but that’s what I like I prefer the raw details that really go into detail about who a person is and who they become when their emotions are tampered with. Would you ever consider putting your every thought on the table? I love how fearless you seem to be in your blogs but after reading that I feel like you may be holding back


      2. Remember Nikki, some things will always be private to a specific person, and stay that way. It can be either too painful to share or perhaps too embarrassing. Writing or expressing yourself in any artistic format would be only for those emotions and or experiences you don’t mind sharing or exposing. There is a limit to what I will share as a writer. People who write poetry though get away with expressing more intimate things.

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