Injustices of the past…and present

A big part of what drives me to write is the disgust about atrocities committed by humans against humans and other living beings through the ages, right to today. There are no monsters – there are only humans. Slavery, war and racism in any shape or form are the ways human monsters manifest themselves. We should never ever forget those people who tore peaceful families, communities and countries apart by making war with them, capturing them and selling them into slavery. One person should never be allowed to own another. To see another as sub human. Never. After keeping the captives, slaves, in terrible conditions, working some of them to death and inflicting terrible punishments for small or no transgressions, they were ‘freed‘ into just another kind of slavery, a degrading of people into a life of poverty and crime because they had no access to education, no way to earn a decent living for themselves. It follows then that hate is driven by the crimes these disenfranchised are forced to commit to be able to survive – ‘I hate you because you steal from me’.’Well, I hate you because you enslaved my people and that is why I have to steal’

 In war there are No winners.

At the same time slavery was legalised, countries were invaded by those flying the flag of religion, of ‘civilisation’ capturing ‘heathens’. What a joke it would be if it were not so sad. Fast forward a few hundred years to the Holocaust – genocide with unimaginable horrors committed by one egotistical human being and his crazed followers. To the American South…lynchings, hangings, killing after the genocide against Native Americans in the rest of the country. To Africa, Apartheid in the South and Genocide in the other parts of Africa and the world – Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Indonesia, Bosnia, Poland – too many to mention. White on black hate, white on white hate, black on black hate. Never with a valid reason, always because one man or one group believes that they are better than another- whether because of racial, ethnical or religious differences.

Let us now look at animal slavery. For instance, animal ‘farming’ which is most probably the worst kind of cruelty and mass killing of animals SUPPORTED BY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! Yes, if you eat meat or use dairy you support extreme cruelty and murder of innocent animals. There are so many delicious cruelty free food options that my mind boggles at people who still insist on eating meat. Not to forget those selfish cruel women who insist on wearing fur…leather…open your eyes people! We should all refuse to support any animal product, any kind of captive animal business except genuine animal sanctuaries. Zoos may serve some kind of purpose but mostly it is gross abuse, neglect and killing of innocent animals.

Testing of any product or procedure on animals is unacceptable, cruel and unnecessary, with the technology that we have access to it is so neanderthal. Children cut up animals every day in schools and universities everywhere, why is it still allowed to happen? If you have looked into the eyes of an animal, seen the pain in eyes pried open permanently by cruel clamps with shampoo, make-up or such being dripped into it constantly – you will never ever use those products again. So why is it that those cruel products are the best sellers in the world? Secrets being kept, the truth hidden. Look at organisations like PETA for the answers…

I am so disgusted by cruel people that I even refuse to read Moby Dick, I don’t care how much of a classic it is – whaling is unacceptable, cruel and should not be glorified or ever allowed to happen ever again. I grew up reading Eric von Lustbader who created in me a love for all things Japanese, I was touched by their sense of honour…that dissappated very quickly and turned to disgust as the Taiji atrocities against dolphins became public. Don’t just believe what people say, find out the truth for yourself. Don’t be fooled, don’t be a fool. Knowledge is power.

I feel the same about books like Lord of the Flies which school children are subjected to, making them think that killing and cruelty is okay. Same goes for main line best selling medical thrillers where atrocious experiments on animals are seen as ‘necessary and normal’. Refer to it if you have to but tell the world that it is not acceptable, be responsible. Authors and artists should use their creativity to improve the world, not make it worse.

I don’t watch most ‘nature documentaries’ or films which feature animals as what goes on behind the scenes to create sensational footage is deplorable. So is hunting, fishing, poaching of wildlife, riding on elephants, circuses, marine animal displays, horse racing, dog racing, dog fighting, cock fighting etc – these animals have no choice. There are many things for you to do without abusing or killing animals. If you support any of these cruel practices you cause them to survive and prosper. Don’t become their sponsor.

I have no problem reading or watching horrid thrillers and gory serial killer books though – why? Because I know that humans are more evil than any monsters people can create.



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