Why do I write?

Different authors have different reasons why they put their innermost thoughts, feelings and creatures of their imagination down on paper for anyone and everyone to see, criticize or admire. My reason is to try and change the world as we know it. A lofty aspiration? Maybe. An impossibility? Maybe not. Do I want to be hated,  ridiculed and scorned, no, but I am prepared to take the chance. If I can change the view of only one person, thereby saving the life of only one animal or changing the life of one downtrodden person for the better, it will have the effect of ripples in a pond.

Compassion is contagious, maybe not instantaneous but at some stage your conscience will tell you that what you have always believed to be acceptable, is not. You may look at your actions, the food you eat and the way you treat those of another skin colour or social standing differently. You may be prepared to change your ways. Do what you may but harm none.

I have always believed in equality and responsibility, being accountable for your actions. As the saying goes ‘Karma is a bitch’. You will reap what you sow, whether in this life or the next. Yes, I do believe that we come back to live another day, maybe in another form – but we will most probably get the chance to fix what we broke. Not that special porcelain cup, but the lives of our fellow earthlings. I am not beyond reproach, I am an imperfect human being with many, many failings and a million broken relationships but I do have my principles. As the wonderful Maya Angelou said, Do what you can until you know better, and when you know better, do better.

Love and light




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